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    ZYW-PN / Three Phase

    Voltage: 380V 
    Power: 3/4KW 
    Capacity: 100L


    Voltage: 380V 
    Power: 3/4KW 
    Capacity: 100L

    I) Three-phase blower supply power of 3/4KW, it is suitable for long-term and continuous operation under heavy duty. 
    2) Famous brand electric control system, can be protect of overload, leak electricity with power off automatically 
    3) Vacuum gauge can be real-time monitors filter blockage.
    4) Cone shape filter with large surface, can reach to 0.3 micron, HEPA is on demand. Filter cleaning by automatic jet pulse which can be greatly prevent dust to block filter. 
    5) Relief valve to protect motor when the machine is block. 
    6) The container and removable bin made of both stailess steel, emptying is easy by quick discharge design.

    Technical data: